After you have completed your Chalet Cookery School course you will be much closer to securing a coveted job during the winter ski season. You can apply to work with any one of our associated employment partners listed on this page.

If you have completed a training programme with a respected cookery school, this will always be an advantageous addition to your CV and will certainly help you to find suitable employment. However, with competition for jobs being high, you will also need to shine at an interview and prove to a potential employer that you have the drive, personality and enthusiasm that they are looking for.

When you participate in a course provided by the Chalet Cookery School as part of the programme you can expect a representative from one of our partner employers to come and talk to you during the course. If you are interested in working for one of these companies, please make this known to your instructor when you arrive at the chalet before the start of the course. This can help to put you ahead of the queue and on the way to becoming a chalet host providing hospitality to your own guests.